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Currently Servicing
Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Rigby, Pocatello & Surrounding Areas

We aren't your standard Hood Cleaner. We have your entire hood system from the filters, through the ducts, and out the up blast fan, covered!

Not only will we clean your entire hood system, but we will make sure your fans and other air handling equipment is working properly and always running smoothly.

Local to Idaho Falls we keep it personal by building a lasting, face to face relationship with our customers.

Kitchen exhaust hoods should be cleaned by a trained and certified professional, which comes standard to any work done by Cleaner Surfaces

Filter Exchange Program

Our filter exchange program completely eliminates the need for you to clean the hood system in any regard. By exchanging your filters on a weekly basis, we are able to professionally clean them at our location and replace them at yours, eliminating all of the work on your end. 

The large majority of grease and oil that runs through your hood system is extracted through proper and regular filter cleanings. This means that the amount of oil and grease that runs through your hood system, inside and outside of the building, is significantly reduced. 

Hood Cleaning Form
Soap Suds

Hood System Maintenance

Filter Exchange

NFPA Certified

You have to see it to believe it. With us, even the places you can't see will look just as good as the places you can. Kitchen hood and duct cleaning should be done on a quarterly, bi annual, or annual basis depending on how much the hood system is used. We pride ourselves in taking before and after pictures on each job so you know exactly what is going on behind the scenes. After each service we apply a sticker with our name on it to show when it was last serviced.


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